Season 1: Episode 1 – Introducting TLTalkRadio [Podcast]

ontheairIn this first episode, we introduce ourselves and share three ways the TLTalkRadio podcast will benefit you, our listeners:

  1. We want to share relevant content with you. We will choose weekly topics that impact our daily work as educators and leaders. This summer over lunch, we crafted an extensive list of topics we would like to talk about! Many of the topics relate to challenges and experiences we have lived within these past several years. Throughout this first season, we plan to develop episodes related to rethinking curriculum revision, building capital, leveraging relationships, professional development, instructional leadership, evaluating district initiatives and more!
  2. We want to share practical experiences and problem solve challenges with you. How do we approach challenges? What resources do we seek and utilize? What books have we read along the way to help us think more deeply about challenges? What are some takeaways that we think might benefit others? During some shows, we plan to interview special guests willing to share their experiences. It is our hope you will benefit from hearing how we collaborate with various stakeholders to problem-solve.   We’ll all be learning together throughout this series.
  3. As we model our successful professional relationship, we want to interact with you to learn more. Engaging you as our audience is essential to meeting our mission. In education, we are all in this together.  We all have the same challenges, whether those challenges relate to state initiatives or mandates, stakeholders, or ever-shifting priorities. We also all have similar goals. By sharing our challenges and successes, we all can benefit from the collective knowledge. You can leave a voice mail at, and share with us on Twitter @TLTalkRadio and #TLTalkRadio.

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