Season 1: Episode 19 – Future Ready – Baltimore – June 2015

futurereadyIn Episode 19, we talk about our upcoming trip to Baltimore and the Future Ready Summit.  We are currently in the 4th year of our teaching and learning initiative TL2020 where we have been working on achieving a set of goals.

  • Transformed teaching and learning with technology as measured by classroom walkthroughs, observations, surveys and other sources.
  • Deeper learning — Increased occurrences of higher level thinking, guided by Webb’s Depths of Knowledge (DOK) as measured by classroom walkthroughs, observations, surveys and other sources.
  • Increased opportunities for all students to benefit from online and blended learning opportunities in all content areas including courses/content developed by Salisbury staff.
  • Increase opportunities for all students to develop and practice literacies that provide readiness for college and career in our interconnected world.

On the site you’ll see some of the pre-planning we’ve done for the Summit. If you click on the Future Ready tab you’ll see our Readiness Assessment results. We share some ideas about our progress in each of the Future Ready gears.

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment – Harnessing the power of digital technologies, (limitless access to knowledge and connections), curriculum, instruction, and assessment will reflect deep, rich, and authentic learning experiences.
  • Use of Time – Our vision on time is for instruction to become more personalized, focused on individual students interests and paths to learning with backward mapping to standards. Once students achieve learning in their unique way, they progress to further curriculum topics of interest.
  • Technology, Networks and Hardware – Our vision is to maintain our current 1:1 level of access and technology support for all students and staff. We will continue to provide and refresh resources that enhance the learning process for all students and staff.
  • Data and Privacy – Our vision is to become better aware of security and privacy policies for online applications used by staff and students in line with requirements of CIPA and FERPA.
  • Community Partnerships – Our vision is to make learning transparent though providing opportunities for students and staff to share work and make connections with other learners and experts (students, staff and community). We will use a variety of means to make these connections.
  • Professional Learning – Our vision for professional learning is based on anytime, anywhere learning. We seek to allocate human and financial resources to support teachers in differentiated professional learning based on choice, interest, and need.
  • Budget and Resources – Our vision for budget and resources is to provide sustainable annual funding to support our vision for teaching and learning. We are committed to using free resources such as Google Apps, MOOCs and other web 2.0 tools to augment paid (Adobe software, Discovery Education, STARR, Study Island) resources to best meet our goals
  • Empowered Innovative Leadership – Our vision for empowered, innovative leadership is to support calculated risk taking through high expectations for transformation at all levels. Leadership is shared throughout the system in multiple school-based and district-based venues. All leaders are engaged in developing the innovative vision for teaching and learning. Human and financial resources are allocated to support the systemic transformation to personalized, digital learning.

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  • How are you planning for the digital future of your school or school district?

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