Season 2: Episode 12 – Assessment 3.0 – Interview with Mark Barnes [Podcast]

51fECW3OtZL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_In this episode, we are excited for you to hear from Mark Barnes. Mark is a longtime educator and bestselling author providing right-now solutions to some of our biggest problems with his new Hack Learning Series. An international speaker and publisher at Times 10 Books, Mark has written and published seven education titles, with two more on the way. His Role Reversal  from ASCD was named 2013 Best Professional Book and Assessment 3.0 from Corwin has made him a world leader in the no-grades classroom movement. Mark has written for TES Global, eSchool News, SmartBrief on Education, EdTekHub, AdvancED Source, and ASCD Express.

Here is what we talked about:

  • What is the beautiful question behind your book book: Assessment 3.0?
  • What’s so bad about numbers, letters and percentages, what you call Assessment 2.0?
  • In your book you describe the problems with numbers, letters and percentages. Tell us about the solution you propose – SE2R.
  • What are the barriers to Assessment 3.0 and what can we do as leaders to remove these barriers for our teachers and learners?
  • What are some ways of addressing “final grades” in a no-grade classroom using SE2R?
  • What are some strategies teachers can employ to address the challenge of providing robust feedback in limited time?
  • What suggestions do you have for communicating a the shift to a Results Only Learning Environment to parents? What kinds of pushback can we expect and what might be some ways to handle it?
  • What “beautiful questions” are you currently thinking about?

Join the Conversation

Each episode we leave you with a couple of questions to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s question:

  1. How do you envision SE2R in your own classroom or school?
  2. Which step of the SE2R process do you feel will be most challenging for you? For your students?

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  1. Follow Mark on Twitter @markbarnes19
  2. Connect with Mark on Teachers Throwing Out Grades and Hack Learning Facebook Groups.
  3. For simple solutions to some of your biggest educational challenges, grab one of his books now at
  4.  Learn more about Mark and his work at his blog –

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