Season 2: Episode 34 – Using Design Thinking to Develop Mindsets – Interview with Sabba Quidwai [Podcast]

sabbaToday, we are talking with Sabba Quidwai.  As Director of Innovative Learning at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) and an Apple Distinguished Educator, Sabba works with faculty to redesign curriculum and supports students with developing digital literacy skills. Prior to joining USC, Sabba led the technology-enhanced curriculum initiative for grades 6-12 at Fairmont Private Schools in Orange County, California in 2010 where she deployed iPads and created professional development for teachers, administrators and parents. Sabba taught a variety of Social Science courses for eight years and was featured by the Gates Foundation for her use of technology to support students in developing historical thinking skills.

Sabba loves sharing her experiences and has presented at conferences internationally in Dubai, India and Cyprus and the U.S. at the EdTechTeacher iPad Summits, CUE, Serious Play and others. Sabba is featured writer for and author of The Digital DBQ. She holds a masters degree, Social Science Teaching Credential and a B.A. in Social Science from the University of California, Irvine.

Here is what we talked about:

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.
  2. I recently ran across your blog post on EdWeek: Using Design Thinking to Develop Mindsets of the Mentally WealthyWhat are these mindsets and why must our students master for a successful future?
  3. One of the ways we can make the shift in K12 is to examine exemplar learning environments where there is a mindset focus. Can you share an example or two from K12 or higher education where learning is focused on the development of these mindsets?
  4. How do our teachers and leaders begin to develop and strengthen these mindsets so that we may be models and mentors for our students?
  5. The mindsets essentially foster innovation. How can we begin to build a culture of innovation in a system that is so highly regulated like K12? How do we overcome what sometimes seem like unreasonable constraints?
  6. What beautiful question are you thinking about now? What are you working on? What’s inspiring you?

Join the Conversation

Each episode we leave you with a couple of questions to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s question:

  • How is your organization focused on developing the mindsets of the wealthy?

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