Season 2: Episode 41 – Interview with Julie Adams – Game Changers [Podcast]

2012-aec-photo-crop-redIn this episode, we are talking with Julie Adams. Julie, a National Board Certified Teacher and Educator of the Year, is an internationally respected and highly sought-after educational consultant who specializes in 21st century critical thinking, neuroscience, content area literacy and instructional leadership. She trains and coaches teachers and administrators in best instructional practices that increase student competence, confidence and achievement. Her passion and humor make her a featured speaker at conferences around the world. 

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  1.  In A More Beautiful Question, author Warren Berger describes a beautiful question as one that is ambitious and actionable. What is the beautiful question behind Game Changers?
  2. Your first “Game Changer” is understanding how the young brain collects, processes and understands stimuli and information. Talk to us about some of the fascinating facts based in neuroscience that we should understand as teachers.
  3. Often we will hear our students ask Why do I have to learn this? In Game Changer #3 you suggest we focus on essential questions. What makes a good essential question and how might we use them to focus curiosity and creativity in our students?
  4.  In Game Changer #5 you talk about engagement. What are some ways we inadvertently disengage students and what can we do to ensure all students are engaged?
  5. As leaders we are always working to build the capacity of our teachers to improve practice. What suggestions do you have for listeners wanting to develop their teachers into Game Changers?
  6. What beautiful question are you thinking about now? What are you working on next?

Join the Conversation

Each episode we leave you with a couple of questions to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s question:

  1. How will you support your teachers to become Game Changers?

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