Season 2: Episode 9 – Gamify Your Classroom – Interview with Matthew Farber [Podcast]


2854914In this episode, we are excited for you to hear from Matt Farber. Matt Farber teaches social studies at Valleyview Middle School, in Denville, New Jersey. He is an Edutopia blogger and cohost of Ed Got Game, on the BAM! Radio Network. Matt is member of the GlassLab Teacher Network, and has playtested for the Institute of Play. He is also a BrainPOP Certified Educator. Matt is the recipient of a Geraldine R. Dodge Teacher Fellowship and was recently awarded a Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship. Currently, Mr. Farber is the North Jersey Director for the New Jersey Council of the Social Studies, a Special Liaison to the ISTE Games and Simulations Network, and an Advisory Board Member to Literary Safari. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University, where he is currently an Educational Technology Leadership Doctoral Candidate, as well as an adjunct instructor.

Here is what we talked about:

  1.  What is the “beautiful question” behind your book Gamify Your Classroom?
  2. What makes a game? What’s your vision for games in terms of learning and playing? Talk to us about Minecraft as a sandbox game.
  3. You quote Carnegie Mellon’s Jesse Schell, saying school is a game, albeit a badly designed game. How should we think about redesigning schools to be like a well-designed game?
  4. How can games help students learn valuable 21st century skills such as problem solving, systems thinking, resiliency, and collaboration?
  5.  Share with us some ways you gamify your classroom?
  6. Tell us about Brain POP and the Game UP platform.
  7. What are some barriers to gamifying learning in the classroom?
  8. What could you share that would be a good place for the classroom teacher new to gamification to start?
  9. What “beautiful questions” are you currently thinking about?

Join the Conversation

Each episode we leave with a couple of questions for us to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s question:

  1. How might you gamify your classroom? How would teaching and learning change?
  2. How will you start?

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