Season 3: Episode 10 – Talking #EdJourney with Grant Lichtman [Podcast]

This episode features a fantastic conversation with Grant Lichtman. Grant is the author of #EdJourney: A Roadmap for the Future of Education based on his first-hand research with dozens of schools and hundreds of K-12 educators. Grant blogs at and has also written for Edutopia, Transcend Education, ISTE, Independent School Magazine and others.

Here is what we talked about:

    1. Tell us about the big question behind #EdJourney.
    2. Let’s talk about this idea of the future. First, as we’ve all heard, we live in exponential times. Have your ideas about the future we are preparing learners for changes in even just the past few years since publishing your book? Why should the future be a point of urgency for schools and school leaders? And why do you think this idea of the future is not on the radar of most school leaders?
    3. Roadblocks: Early on, you lay out all the possible reasons educators may push back on that urgency for change. We’ve particularly interested in leadership for learning here on the podcast. Talk to us a little about leadership as a road block to innovation.
    4. In the second part of your book, you focus on the question, What does transformative learning look like? As we’ve been having conversations with people like yourself about transforming learning environments, the theme of empathy has emerged quite strong. What did you learn about the importance of not only providing opportunities for learners to develop empathy but for educators to do so as well?
    5. One of the things we’ve learned is the importance of providing space and time for our stakeholders to develop and wrap their heads around a vision for learning, one that reflects current and future contexts. Later in the book you talk about the value of zero-based strategic thinking. Explain for us how this strategy can provide the foundation for innovation.
    6. What’s your favorite story from your cross-country journey?
    7. What’s next for Grant? What are you working on now that you’d like to share?

Join in the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a question or two to think about with the idea of provoking conversation.

This week’s questions:

  1. What is the greatest barrier to change in your learning context? How might you go about moving on that change?
  2. How are you making the time for strategic thinking conversations in your school or district?

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