Season 3: Episode 13 – The Unlearning Leader with Mike Lubelfeld and Nick Polyak [Podcast]

In this episode we are chatting with superintendents Dr. Michael Lubelfeld and Dr. Nick Polyak, authors of The Unlearning Leader: Leading for Tomorrow’s Schools Today and co-founders of the Twitter chat for school superintendents, #suptchat.

Mike has served as a public school superintendent in suburban Chicago, Illinois since 2010. On July 1, 2013, he became the superintendent of schools in Deerfield, IL (DPS 109). He’s earned his Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction from Loyola University of Chicago and is an adjunct faculty at National Louis University in the Department of Educational Leadership. His 25-year educational career has included serving as an assistant superintendent, a principal, and middle school teacher. Mike is an advocate for integrating educational technology throughout instruction.

Nick serves as superintendent in the Leyden Community High School District 212. He earned an undergraduate degree from Augustana College, a Masters from Governors State University and his Ed.D. from Loyola University Chicago. Nick has previously served as a classroom teacher, coach, building and district level administrator, and school board member and a superintendent for the past seven years in both central Illinois and suburban Chicago.  Nick has earned an IASA School of Advanced Leadership Fellowship and he also graduated from the AASA National Superintendent Certification Program.  

Here is what we talked about:

  1. What’s the big question behind The Unlearning Leader?
  2. Technology and social media have had a significant impact on who you are as leaders and how you connect and learn with others. What do today’s leaders need to unlearn about connection and how the role of leadership can be transformed by rethinking this idea of connection.
  3. What has been your greatest unlearning leadership challenge? When did you realize that you needed to unlearn and how did you move through the process?
  4. We have been thinking about how we unlearn our current ways of professional learning and learn a new way – such as competency-based learning and badging. What work have you done in the area of reimagining professional development, and what have you had to unlearn about traditional professional learning?
  5. The title of your book includes, “Leading for tomorrow’s schools today.” What do you think tomorrow’s schools will look like?
  6.  What’s next for Mike and Nick? What are you both currently working on?

Join in the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a question or two to think about with the idea of provoking conversation.

This week’s questions:

  1. What is your vision for learning and what have you identified as the areas that will need unlearning?
  2. What can you do tomorrow to become a more connected school leader?

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