Season 3: Episode 16 – The STEM Shift with Dr. Ann Myers and Dr. Jill Berkowicz [Podcast]

In this episode,  we are speaking with Dr. Ann Myers and Dr. Jill Berkowicz, authors of The Stem Shift: A Guide for School Leaders.

Ann is Professor Emerita at Sage Colleges where she was Founding Director of the Sage Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and the Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center of the Promotion of Mental Health and School Safety. Prior to her career in higher education, she was District Superintendent at Questar III BOCES, a regional educational organization in Upstate New York. She is the founding chair of the New York State Association for Women in Administration and remains on the board. Ann is also co-author with Jill, of Leadership 360, a blog published by Education Week.

Jill has spent her 30-year career in education focusing on issues of equity and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology, as they affect the development of all learners in the K-12 system. In her leadership roles as a principal and director of curriculum, instruction, and technology, equal access to quality teaching was the foundation of her work. Presently, Jill is an adjunct professor at SUNY New Paltz in the Educational Leadership program. She serves on the board of New York ASCD and as the Educational Consultant for their digital newsletter and as editor of their IMPACT Journal. Jill brings energy, passion for innovation and collaboration to all her work, especially the Leadership 360 blog published by Education Week and co-authored with Ann.

Here is what we talked about:

  1. What was the big question driving your work around STEM and the book?
  2. What is STEM education and what is it not?
  3. Share with us the WHY behind your approach to thinking about STEM education. What are some of the factors creating an urgency for systemic shifts that can be supported through STEM?
  4.  The work in our district has recently been focused on our Profile of a Graduate and beliefs about learning. As more and more schools and districts begin to embrace research-based beliefs about learning, how does a redesign anchored in STEM align with beliefs about learning – personalization, learner agency, learning as social and open walled?
  5. In your book, you share various entry points/stages to the STEM shift. What are some of your favorite models or examples from around the country at the various entry points?
  6. You present a section on the importance of leadership in the STEM shift. Share with us your thoughts on the leadership skills and will necessary for moving a school or district forward with a STEM shift.
  7. What’s next for Ann and Jill? What are your working on?

Join the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a couple of questions to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s questions:

  1. How has your paradigm of STEM education shifted as a result of today’s conversation?
  2. What are your entry points to a systemic shift fueled by STEM?

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