Season 3: Episode 17 – Transforming Learning Environments with Kyle Wagner [Podcast]

In this episode we are speaking with Kyle Wagner, author of The Power of Simple: How to transform your school by conquering standards, individualizing learning and creating a community of innovators

Kyle is founder and lead consultant for Transform Educational Consulting where he focuses on empowering school leaders to improve instructional practice and student learning through innovative programs and teaming structures. Kyle is also the former coordinator of Futures Academy at the International School of Bejing, a program that uses interdisciplinary project-based learning to connect students to their passions and the world outside of school. Previously, Kyle was an educator at High Tech High and holds a masters degree in teacher leadership.

Our conversation included:

  1. Let’s start with your work at both Futures Academy and High Tech High. Give us a glimpse into learning in these schools and how that has shaped your vision for redesigning schools.
  2. What’s the big question behind The Power of Simple?
  3. One of the connections I made to the chapters in your book was that many are perceived barriers we have in education – scheduling, space, subjects in silos… So many barriers can seem overwhelming to most teachers and leaders. What do you suggest is the first step to overcoming these kinds of barriers and realizing a more progressive vision for learning?
  4. Talk to us about project-based learning. Why is this a powerful means to developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions such as those represented in our Profile of a Graduate.
  5. From your experiences at Futures Academy and High Tech High, what is the role of learner agency in creating powerful learning environments?
  6.  What’s next for Kyle? What are your working on?

Join the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a question to think about…with the idea of provoking conversation. This episode’s question:

  1. What simple action can you take today to address one of the barriers holding you back from transforming your learning environment?

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