Season 4: Episode 18 – MƒA – Math for America – Interview with John Ewing and Megan Roberts

In Episode 18, we are speaking with John Ewing and Megan Roberts from MƒA, Math for America. Founded in 2004, MƒA has created fellowships for accomplished mathematics and science teachers. Their model is based on the belief that collaboration, continued learning, and genuine respect enables teachers to grow professionally and provides long-term career satisfaction. The purpose of the organization is to build a community of STEM teachers who make a lasting impact in their schools, their communities, and the profession at large through collaboration and continued learning. MƒA works to improve teacher retention nationally by establishing a network of independent programs modeled on MƒA that support communities of accomplished mathematics and science teachers across the country.

John joined MƒA in early 2009 as President. Before joining MƒA, John served as Executive Director of the American Mathematical Society for nearly 14 years. He previously was professor of mathematics at Indiana University, where he also served as Chair of the department for two terms.

Megan is the Executive Director of MƒA having joined the organization in 2015. Prior to MƒA, Megan was the Executive Director for the Office of Innovation at the NYC Department of Education. Megan also previously served as a NYC Network Leader and spent several years as the Director of Science for Region 9 schools across Manhattan and the South Bronx. She is a former science teacher, staff developer, school administrator, and researcher.

Our conversation included these questions:

  1. So let’s start first with learning more about your work. Tell us about the big idea behind Math for America,
  2. Let’s talk about the core beliefs of Math for America. These are powerful statements: teaching is a true profession, great teachers are always learning, excellence comes out of deep collaboration and ongoing growth, great teachers are trusted professionals, and honoring greatness elevates the profession.
  3. What unique professional learning opportunities do our math and science teachers need? What makes MƒA unique?
  4. Talk to us about some of the work Math for America is doing – for example, how do you build community for public school teachers?  
  5. Retaining high quality teachers remains a nationwide problem as accomplished math and science teachers often leave the classroom for other opportunities. What can we do to elevate the profession so that these teachers stay teaching?
  6. What is the big picture goal of MƒA? How do we change the way we think about teaching in America?

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This episode’s questions:

  1. How can you support your teachers in their professional growth?

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