Season 4: Episode 19 – Talking Changing Change and LX Design with Cale Birk and Charity Allen [Podcast]

In Episode 19 we are speaking with Cale Birk and Charity Allen about their exceptional and fun book, Changing Change Using Learner-Centered Design: From Failed Initiatives to a Change Process that Connects, Empowers and Actually Works. If you are looking to reimagined the change process in schools, this resource from Cale and Charity is accessible, fun and informative. This is a must-read resource and a must-listen-to podcast!

Charity is a creative leader focused on innovation in education. She currently serves as President and CEO of PBLC, an independent consulting group empowering deeper learning. With many years of experience behind her work, Charity is slightly fanatical about deeper learning and stays focused on empowering powerful teaching and learning through project-based learning, gamification, STEAM and more. She designs and delivers immersive professional learning experiences in multiple languages and provides ongoing support to teachers in diverse learning environments. She believes change matters and the experience of change can be pleasant, powerful and effective.

Cale is a district head of innovation in British Columbia, Canada and Senior Leadership Consultant for PBLC. In his 15 years as a high school administrator, Cale has lived through the challenges that come with implementing change at nearly every level of the school system. Drawing on his experiences as a change agent, Cale works with leaders on a daily basis to use practical strategies to re-imagine the process of change in schools. Cale helps leaders to envision the development of every kind learner experience (LX) – class, faculty meeting, professional learning day, administrative meeting, parent advisory group and more – as an opportunity to build connections and empower improvement.

Here is what we spoke about:

  1. Why did you decide to write about change and why is this a great text for those focused on the transformation of our educational system?,
  2. In your book, you propose a learner-centered design process to change – change done better, as you share. Can you give our listeners an overview of the phases of the process?
  3. You share numerous examples of applying the design process to some typical LX challenges in schools. Walk us through one of the changes and how the process was applied.
  4. As we change schools, we often focus on how the learning experience and the role of teachers change. How and why should the role of the leader change as well? What are some of the more operational functions of “management” that we can turn into learner experiences?
  5. Lynn and I are exploring learner-centered leadership on our podcast, Shift Your Paradigm. From our conversation today, we understand that effective learner-centered leaders need to be powerful learning experience designers. What other competencies do you think are most valuable for learner-centered leaders.
  6. What’s next for Charity and Cale? What are you working on that you’d like to share?

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  1. How can you support your teachers in their professional growth?

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