Season 4: Episode 7 – All Together Now – Interview With Suzie Boss [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Suzie Boss, author of the recently published All Together Now: How to Engage Your Stakeholders in Reimagining School. You may recall we spoke earlier with Suzie in Season 2, Episode 30.

Suzie is a writer and educational consultant focused on the power of teaching and learning to improve lives and transform communities. She is the author of several popular books for educations:

She also writes regularly for Edutopia and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Inspired by teachers who push the boundaries of the traditional classroom, Suzie consults with schools internationally that are ready to shift away from tests and textbooks and engage learners in real-world problem solving.

Here is what we talked about:

  1. We appreciate how you approached this work through inquiry, with each chapter organized around a question. Talk to us about that big questions behind the full work, what prompted you to ask those questions and how is this work different, similar or an extension of your previous work?
  2. There is a constant thread of transformation throughout the book. As you indicate, this idea of transformation is associated with many different names or initiatives. What would you say are the qualities of the transformation you and many others envision for our education system? What is the role of community?
  3. It seems that while still the non-dominant conversation in most communities, school transformation has gained momentum in the past few years. Why do you think this is?
  4. Your book is full of many examples of transformation and engaging various memberships in the community. What are some of your favorite examples and why? How has community helped transformation in these examples?
  5. What kinds of questions might school leaders ask to understand the best ways to engage community in the transformation process? What are the challenges that school leaders face in engaging community?
  6. We have another podcast titled Shift Your Paradigm where we interview school leaders and learners to understand the kinds of leadership necessary for learner-centered transformation. What have you learned from the many leaders you interviewed for your book?
  7. What’s next for Suzie? What are you currently working on?

Join in the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a question or two to think about with the idea of provoking conversation.

This week’s questions:

  1. In your context, which stakeholder groups might  you engage immediately?
  2. What are your greatest obstacles to transformation in your community, and how might more effective engagement change that?

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