Season 4: Episode 9 – A Framework for Innovation in Education – Interview with Sonny Magana [Podcast]

In this episode, we talk with Sonny Magana, a strong advocate for transcending the status quo.  Sonny is an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and pioneering educational technology researcher. Sonny is a highly sought-after leadership consultant and instructional coach with more than thirty years’ experience helping educational systems around the world realize the power of transcendent learning. The author of numerous research studies and articles, Sonny’s newest book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education, was recently published through Corwin Press.

Sonny founded and served as Principal of Washington State’s first CyberSchool in 1996, a groundbreaking blended learning program that continues to meet the needs of at-risk students in Washington. He is a recipient of the prestigious Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award and the Governor’s Commendation for Educational Excellence. An avid musician, yoga practitioner, and beekeeper, Sonny holds a bachelor of science degree from Stockton University, a master of education degree from City University (where he was honored with the Presidential Award for meritorious scholarship), an educational administration endorsement, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Seattle University.

Here is what we talked about:

  1. Early in the Preface of your book you share that you hope to positively disrupt the current narrative about technology use. Tell us about the history and driving purpose behind the book and how it elevates the current technology narrative.
  2. Tell us about the T3 framework –  a hierarchy of how we use technology in education.
  3. What advice would you give to leaders who are supporting teachers as they design learning experiences at the higher stages?
  4. What’s next for Sonny? What are you currently working on?

Join in the conversation!

Each episode we leave you with a question or two to think about with the idea of provoking conversation.

This week’s questions:

  1. How can you use the T3 Framework to elevate the technology conversation in your school or district?
  2. How can you re-design a learning experience that requires learners to use technology at the higher T2 or T3 levels?

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